AC Gas Filling Charges

AC Installation Rates per Unit Customer Savings with Dr. Cool Air
GAS Name AC Tonnage Market Rate in ₹ Dr. Cool Air Rate in ₹ In ₹ In % age
R22Upto 2.0 Ton2,200.001,800.00400.0018%
R32Upto 2.0 Ton3,000.002,000.001,000.0033%
R410Upto 2.0 Ton3,000.002,000.001,000.0033%
R32Above 2.0 Ton1,000.00/Ton*
R410Above 2.0 Ton1,000.00/Ton*

Note – GST extra as applicable on rate for Installation & Gas Filling

*Rate @ Per Ton, for more than 1.0 Ton rate will be applicable accordingly

Ex: for 2.0 Ton rate will 2*1,000.00= 2,000.00 ₹

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