MEP Contracting

Q : What is MEP Contracting?

A : In the construction industry, MEP means Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing. The construction of structure comes under civil parts and the services come under MEP scope. The MEP design company is one that designs the MEP scope of work and they specialized in these skills. An MEP engineer plays an important and critical role in the project’s success. They are the ones responsible for the installation and implementation of MEP work. 

Let’s simplify this Mechanical means (HVAC works), Electrical means (LV panel, distribution boards, electrical wiring works, etc.), and Plumbing means (Drainage system of a building). For commercial buildings, firefighting is another critical aspect of services, which should be done by specialized firefighting contractors, rather than general contractors.

It’s always recommended that MEP work should be done by a specialized MEP contractor. The client often faces issues with MEP works, and Dr. Cool Air has a specialized MEP Consultant, who guides and instructs our team that the work should be done according to the MEP design.

Currently, Dr. Cool Air is only handling the Mechanical scope of work (HVAC Solution), and the rest of the services Electrical and Plumbing will be coming shortly.

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