“Regular and timely service of your Home Appliances will extend their life; as a result, you will save money and they will take the best care of you..”

– Dr. Cool Air

Problem Statement

As advised above, most of the time, customers ignore this advice and end up paying more money on service and spare parts. It’s no rocket science that if you ignore the advice of your doctor about your health, what will happen…..? However, as a customer do we really take this advice seriously?

The answer will be a BIG NO for most of the customers, and they face the consequences for ignoring the advice.

In every household and business soon the summer season arrives and the magic of air conditioner will provide you relief and chill to battle the heat. The Air conditioners, which were forgotten due to the winter season, and in summer it suddenly becomes the talk of the town and any problem with AC’s can’t be tolerated at all!!

Here comes the regular headache for customers and businesses, AC technician? Where to find, whom to contact, how to get a reference, will they come on time or not? Service charges bargaining, spare parts not available, no warranty on replacing spare parts…………. And the list goes on!!

This occurs with most customers because the AC service is an unorganized sub-sector, once the machines complete the brand warranty. Also, the brand warranty service fees are too high compared to freelance technicians, and there are no professional service providers available in your city.

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