Regular and timely service of your Home Appliances will extend their life; as a result, you will save money and they will take the best care of you..”

– Dr. Cool Air

As advised above, most of the time, customers ignore this advice and end up paying more money on service and spare parts. It’s no rocket science that if you ignore the advice of your doctor about your health, what will happen…..? However, as a customer do we really take this advice seriously?
The answer will be a BIG NO for most of the customers, and they face the consequences for ignoring the advice.

Dr. Cool Air Solution

Dr. Cool Air recommendations to prolong your Home Appliances life:

The most used Appliances are AC & Washing Machine.-

Generally AC runs for almost 9 months in a year. So a quarterly service is recommended and advised. (Generally, most of the customers do it once a year)

For Washing Machines two services are recommended. (Generally, most of the customers only call for service when they have the breakdown of washing machines)

By buying the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Plan for your AC.

Benefits of buying Dr. Cool Air Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

There are multiple reasons once you buy AMC with Dr. Cool Air:

  • With our AMC you can save big money up to 50%* compared to the brands AMC.
  • We provide 24X7 services.
  • We automatically schedule your AC service (every quarter). No need to make reminders to us.
  • We provide three services in a year.
  • Onetime payment and no need to pay again for services.
  • Our team has experienced and professional engineers and technicians to ensure that your AC is in good hands.
  • We provide the most competitive price and are they are fixed, means no headache of negotiation with a technician.
  • Under AMC Basic Plan we offer unlimited service for a full year (Excluding spare parts).
  • Under Basic Plan, we offer a discount upto 10% on spare parts.
  • We use genuine or high standard spare parts.
  • If any problem arises in AC due to our service, we will do it for free (No service charge).
  • We keep commonly used spare parts stocks, to avoid any delay.
  • We provide services and maintenance for all brands and for all types of AC (Invertor, Split, Window, Cassette, and Tower AC).

Rest assured your AC is in good hands. So, what are you waiting for? (Click here to buy our AMC)

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